Romanian NC celebrates 80 years of world-class standardization

The Romanian NC of the IEC, ASRO, celebrated its 80th anniversary in Bucharest on 18-19 December 2007 by organizing a special symposium for its members.

Commenting on the event, IEC General Secretary Ronnie Amit said: "The Romanian Electrotechnical Committee has played an important role in contributing key technical input from Romanian experts throughout the formative years of the Commission and into the late 20th and early 21st centuries."

Romania's participation in IEC technical work is impressive with Participating Membership on 109 technical (TC) and subcommittees (SCs) as well as Observer Membership on 48 TCs and SCs.

One key aim of the special symposium was to recruit new experts to the IEC's work. Romanian experts have made significant contributions to both the IEC technical affairs as well as the Commission's management throughout the NC's 80 year history.

According to Professor Teodor Tanasescu: "The Romanian NC has contributed substantially to the IEC's international standardization activities. We should highlight the introduction of the reactive electrical power unit of measurement VAR (the reactive volt-ampere) proposed by the Romanian Professor Constantin Budeanu in the early 1930s while in 1964, the Romanian academic Remus Radulet was elected IEC President and fulfilled the duties of this office until 1967.

During the 1980s, a team of scientists led by Mr. Radulet helped developed the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) and an IEC Thesaurus. By the year 2000, the standardization activity in Romania in the electrotechnical field has been organized in the frame of a Romanian Electrotechnical Committee – Association for Standardization in Romania Cooperation. Recent examples of Romanian representation include Professor Ioan Ionescu working as project coordinator for the IEC 61340-1 International Standard."